ANGELS, A Summary of the Stunning Facts!


                 ANGELS An All-Catholic Summary


   (Carefully Selected Catholic-Bishop-Approved Texts On The Angels)


                           by  JOHN CANNON - PUBLISHER 



    Finally !!  The TRUTH about the ANGEL world !   


Every boy has the dream of having a benevolent GIANT for a friend. No need to fantasize...  it's true... he's REAL !!   And he's much, much more than you've ever thought ! 


Every culture has an instinctual desire to know about angels, and an intuitive sense that they exist. "The TRUTH is far more fantastic than fiction", but is rarely available to us.  Pop culture distorts the very notion by selling cutesy trinkets, and stories preying on our thirst to know, but delivering only inaccurate fiction that belittles the real truth! 

It is common to have complicated facts of science uncovered by gifted men such as Albert Einstein using inductive or deductive reasoning, finding previously unknown large scientific principles from analysis of known detail, and vice-versa. Likewise, the theologians of the Catholic Church, like St. Thomas, have detailed the truths about theology using inductive and deductive reasoning applied to what we know from other sources, starting with the scriptures.


This astonishing truth reveals the unfathomable, the almost unbelievable dignity of the human race !!  ... explaining how the Creator set the whirling suns of the universe in motion, and created the entirety of the natural world, specifically for Man and the Angels. It brings almost a giddy joy to realize how much we are loved, how important we are to the CREATOR of it all, that we belong here, now, at this time and in this place, for it is ours, all made specifically for us, and yet transcending tomorrow. 

And the angels are with us for a purpose!  They passionately want us to join them in the SUPERnatural world of tomorrow, mostly because our acknowledgement and gratitude is a matter of joy and justice to our mutual Heavenly Father!


EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD MUST LEARN ABOUT THE ANGELS  Just as we pass by strangers daily and say nothing, we do the same daily with the angels until we realize that they are dynamic passionate actors in our daily world, NOT "strangers" at all.  It is only in having this detail, that we will turn to them to help stem a human-spirit-crushing slide into cultural moral chaos and despair. 


I plead with all Americans to learn about the angels and turn to them.

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